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    Supreme Court Nomination Processes


    Sep 22, 2018
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    Kavanaugh is Simply Not Qualified With This Allegation. Get A Woman in the Supreme Court Position

    Get qualified women in the Supreme Court system too.

    Irish American Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh passes muster for some European Americans because he’s white male and passably ‘good-looking’ in a powerful position, so he’s deemed righteous.  Racist Mitch McConnell thinks he will get a nomination just like old Obama days of power and hell-bent might to dis-sway and plant his cronies into influential positions.

    Expectations is strong for Kavanaugh unlike Mr. Obama whom Irish McConnell disliked.  Republicans has a whooping Five Conservatives in the Supreme Court and not a whisper of a chanced Minority in that position. Why? Cheaters. Fight for the powerless. And die trying.

    If nifty racist, Laura Ingraham says Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is suppressing her memory then I suspect Ingraham has some personal experience with sexual harassment too. Its pretty much saying, she suppresses her own bizarre ordeal in the closet at the moment. Just as Trevor Noah said on the Daily Show, it couldn’t work in any other way except taking an oath of a higher position and their cup is full. As is said, it is an attempted rape and sexual harassment of women for decades. It is victimization of women not being addressed. Like Arabs’ systemic abuse of African workers as slaves and mistreatment of them for millennia. Endemic in the society and hard to get rid of.

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