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    Ghana Gold Investors In Trouble


    Jan 12, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 12, 2019

    Those establishment that refuse to welcome-in new entrants in the system of Ghana are the ones causing the impasse in the Ghanaian marketplace though what Menzgold’s Mr. Mensah stands for is legitimate. Its a form of financial contemporaries that need improvement in the market place of loans and sponsorship, philanthropy and investments. The Bank of Ghana is a traditionalistic monster and can eat Ghana people up if they do not stop playing politics.

    Mr. Mensah is trying very hard to be accepted as part of a new breed of Ghanaian investor units for Ghana’s glory but comes up short due to small thinking on the part of everybody involved. They need to open up and accept that the ponzi scheme succeeded. Mr. Mensah got into trouble just like any ponzi scheme does; use other people’s initial investment to pay others, they simply use schemes to pay others while splurging the rest of the money themselves in a posh lifestyle.

    The Bank of Ghana is allegedly owned by European conglomerate, The Rothschilds or at least has a share in the central bank of Ghana. The central bank is institutionalized to the hilt and unable to interact with the Ghanaian markets. Its more of a top down dictatorship controlled by the power elites operating in Ghana especially Akufo Addo’s elite circle and Rawlings’ elite circle of bankers. The Ashanti king Otumfuo, the diva, and his circle is replete with gold bullions and highly influential with the British royal family’s money manufacturing. These groups have their insignia, heads on the currencies and representative of money and power.

    Here comes Mr. Appiah Mensah who is blocked from those privileges. Its a dark, dark money world. People’s souls are attached to their currencies and will not be exactly happy if money is locked up somewhere in the netherworld of dark, dark bank vaults.

    Money making, gold digging, sliver, bronze, diamonds and all other precious minerals are dominated by men.

    Mr. Mensah and his associates are not very respectable citizens of Ghana. His friends have questionable characters:

    With overly-bloated egomaniacs not fit for sobriety. The male hiplife artists are so pompous its hard to even look at them.

    Overly pompous guys who disrespect women and look down upon them, totally uncontrollable, ultra B.S.

    If we complain that deviant behavior a symptom of endemic poverty in Ghanaian culture, we are certainly right and it shows:

    A personality, either shata wale or stoneboy or whatever
    Rumping on the floor with families looking on

    A nightmare to behold. The music industry has become so graphic and unpalatable that it virtually blocks decent people with real talent, out of it.

    A hesitant C.E.O. with nothing to prove for, Mr. Appiah Mensah

    An immature CEO who has nothing to prove for his merits to be trusted yet convinced 1.5 million Ghanaians to invest in his gold buying schemes for profit and uses hiplife musicians to gain fame and legitimacy. Mr. Mensah and his supporters are determine to win hearts and mind of Ghanaians but there’s a strong pushback at what he represents – scammers and hoodlums out to make money and siphon off ordinary Ghanaians of their hard earned monies. Mr. Mensah lacks confidence and poise and comes off odious and stiltily uncomfortable like an intern going for a job interview. He plays the poodle dog perfectly for traditional settings and gets punished for it.

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