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    Ghana Politics: Hitting Hard At Opponents Before Dec 7

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    Yorbing Staff Saturday December 5, 2020. *Featured: ELECTION DIARY, Nov 8, 2020, Youtube.

    Ghana’s last minute ditch campaign to win votes … The day of Voting on Dec 7th, 2020.

    Video: GhanaWeb TV, Dec 4, 2020, Youtube

    And some excuses for John Mahama’s stealings …

    Video: GhanaWeb TV, Dec 4, 2020, Youtube

    Some some rousing beats …

    Video: Courtesy Of Attractive Mustapha, Nov 21, 2020, Youtube

    Akufo-Addo’s admin touts their accomplishments …

    Video: Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, Aug 19, 2020, Youtube

    With NPP’s more established political ad with affluence


    The Ashanti language predominates Akufo-Addo’s media campaigns, its either you learn the language or go- burst … catch the excitement … (sorry for the low pixel video, that all we could get)

    Video: UpFront TV, Dec 3, 2020, Youtube

    Moreover Ghana’s organic living makes its the envy of some neighboring countries …

    Video: DW News, Dec 3, 2020, Youtube

    And of course China’s own inner struggles …🤣

    Video: China In Focus -NTD, Dec 5, 2020, Youtube

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