Ghana Politics: Who Is Paying For A $100M Cathedral?

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday March 5, 2019

The Akufo Addo in Ghana seem to use violence against his opponents.

Akufo Addo is like miniature Trump: Akufo-Addo as president is using beatings and shooting of the opposition party, NDC and pretty much terrorizes them. He continues to intimidate the opposition party through the police and political hacks in his NPP party. It’s like a too-many Akufo Addos, traisping the landscapes of Ghana-earth and world-earth, doing money goods for his B.S. political power. He’s strategically placed his relatives in key government positions, including an ex-girlfriend whom he has a child, as a diplomat to Prague, Czech Republic. The story is pretty bleak. Not that the opposition head, the ex-president John Mahama, is any better. He’s been involved in some pretty tawdry scandals himself.

Image: Ghananewsonline

He practices Akan tribalism as he tries to solidify his office for 2020 presidential run.

Image: Primenewsghana

And now:

And solution is:

Just trap by flattery to boost his egomaniac tendencies:

First it was an expensive realestate in Norway and now its a cathedral for ‘God’. Even have Ghanaian ‘christians’ in Germany asking for donations for Akufo Addo’s $100M cathedral.

And that is politics nowadays. If Akufo Addo is bent on achieving his aim, at whose peril? He’s operating under radar, and hitting low, for now.

NDC office, Kumasi with a killed victim

The NDC chairman is currently under scrutiny for arrests.

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