Ghana President Akufo-Addo On Foreign Mining Companies In Africa

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Yorbing Staff, Saturday February 16, 2019

Ghana President Akufo Addo said the reasons for African mining not excelling in lifting their poverty out of poverty to a wealthy status is because:

  • They do not negotiate favorable negotiations for themselves – knowing the rule of the game and profiting from the mineral concessions.
  • Africans have been handicapped in negotiations with big mining companies because of political instabilities, bad reputation and sometimes incompetence and most of the time corrupt representatives that negotiate on behalf of the nation in question.
  • Labor practices that were practiced prior should not be continued.
  • Africa loses more than $50 Billion annually in illicit financial outflows.

Akufo Addo said real wealth lays within the young vibrant population of Africans, who with requisite skills, represents positive outcomes in the rapid development of Africa. Africa repleted other parts of the worlds with its wealth, it is time Africa become prosperous, to gives its people a dignified standard of living. and for a sustainable economic growth.

The people of Africa do not have to be poor for others to be rich.

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