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    Ghana Removes India Ghandi’s Statue


    Dec 19, 2018
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    The removal from University of Ghana, Legon campus was done due to a hashtag#ghandi must fall.  Ignorance is no fun. Julius Malema suffers from Indian oppressive opposition in south Africa.

    According to Obadele Kambon the statue meant your enemy is better than your own heroes…that they have to be celebrated more than your own heroes. Ghandi was a sergeant major in the British Army fighting against the Zulus and where thousands of south Africans were killed. He was the one that really instituted the apartheid in south Africa because he advocated to have the Indians have a different entrance to the post office in Durban south Africa. He agitated for guns so they can shoot the Africans. According the Dr. Kambon, we have to see this from an African perspective and realize what a monster the Indian was. If Africans are seen as one degree from an animal then think twice when dealing with such persons.

    The Indian elite, in their caste system get the foremost in priviledges and get to have access to top officialdom and where they are connected by interconnected network systems to control destinies. These are a cooked-up concept of superiority, ‘Indo Aryans’ – just next door neighbors probably from Iran – over the inhabitants of the area.

    Here’s the full interview of Obadele Kambon

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