Ghana Year Of Return, Is This Plessy Or WEB DuBois All Over Again?

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Yorbing Staff Monday March 4, 2019

Even though African Americans and their forebears in the Americas do suffer ruinous economic disadvantages so are Africans in southern part of Africa continent where Europeans contest with them for resources. Where would they run to?

Back to west Africa? To escape whites? Of course there are no whites contesting physically with west Africans in the region, but they are in the southern part of Africa, Namibia and south Africa and in northern parts of Africa.

Even African Americans tried to escape nebulous European-Americans in the American south. At which point will this go away?

Contemporaneously its not only the question of former slaves, it is also over 46 forts and castle in Ghana or in Senegal or Nigeria etc or whites in southern Africa, in north Africa and their need to be seen and heard. Even in Asian communities, they wrestle with it.

In Namibia, the Hereros suffer humiliation on a daily basis:

Even from Caucasian-Arabs’ viewpoint where Africans fell victim to a horrendous slavery and castrations during Mohammed’s raids into northern Africa that lasted for 1,300 years.

Escape from European Whites? Whither would thou go?

So what next?

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