Ghana’s Crappy Year Of Return 2020

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Yorbing Staff Monday March 5, 2020

*Featured Image: Graphic Online, By Gertrude Ankah Nyavi, ‘President Akufo-Addo On Ghana Beyond The Year Of Return’, Dec 27, 2019.

Video: UTV Ghana Online, March 7, 2020, Youtube

I have been been living at the ground level, and experiencing Ghana at the grassroots and watch the rutted, moldy town layouts and unsanitary environments in Accra, Tema and Dawenya, and the picture is pretty bad. I know a lot of aspirants will be disappointed and most will suffer for lack of income because Ghana’s economy is not really opened to foreigners. There’s practically no income except investing, investing, investing. It’s only the very stubborn that will stay.

The Akufo-Addo government and his nebulous vice, Bawumia just seeks fame and adulation, big parties and photo-ops. The Road construction at Ashaiman Tema Motorway Roundabout is so bad, it’s just a mockery. The road construction network lacks human rights and pretty dangerous to drive or walk across. It’s rudimentary and crudely being constructed by hand. Pretty mean-fisted and one can clearly see that they are squeezing funds at indecent levels. I will tell you Americans to stay away but no, come and witness the crappy stuff yourselves…sheesh!

Fortunately Lasea75 The BlackUnicorn agrees on another issue, be cautioned…

Video: Lasea75 The BlackUnicorn, Jan 9, 2020, Youtube

Obvious Lack Of Employment Opportunities For Diasporans

One important observation has been the “Patreon” and “GoFundMe” choices that Diasporans and Returnees have to sign on due to the inabilities of the Ghana government to set up programs to incorporate and embed Diasporans into Corporate Ghana and government itself, into town and planning, as advisors etc…

Its made many Diasporans unemployed or looking for a job or begging for money to enable them to live on the continent. Its a shame. I addressed this issue with the former Director of Ghana Institute Of Journalism, Dr. Kweku Rockson and he basically said the Akufo-Addo government does not think in those terms specifically. Its about Diasporans coming in to spend and aid development of Ghana. I think its crap for the government to take advantage of Diasporans this way without helping them monetarily to shore up shocks of return to a Third World country.

If your startup money runs out or have a slow start in sales, you will fall victim to a failed venture due to lack of funds. Beware. The Ghana market has to be opened enough to incorporate new comers and welcome them in key positions, with their experiences. These Diasporans are highly educated workforce and a huge priceless human resource, an envy of the world and sought after. They are just fed up with whatever it is they face and coming back. Ghana government should quickly redress this issue.

1. Set up an industrial building hub for Diasporans from all the industries.

2. Keep tab on our activities as journalists, engineers, teachers, health professionals, techies, etc…

3. Security and safety, so we dont fall into any ruinous issue.

TayoAinaFilms softens the blow with a candid look at a situation…he does not bash it, so there!

Video: TayoAinaFilms, Feb 2, 2020, Youtube

But be encouraged and stick it out, if its too much, just straddle on the two continents till you find a firm foothold in the country.

Image: DNT (Diaspora Network Television), Jan 2, 2020.

All The best…

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