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    Kantanka’s Owner Dr. Kwadwo Sarfo: “Shirk Your Old Thinking”


    Sep 25, 2018
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    Dr. Kwadwo Sarfo: “If we are lazy and facing economic difficulties for a long time, lets change it. We are no longer slaves to anybody. Stop moving overseas and stay in Ghana. The Lord knows you are west Africans. We’ve been practical in our scientific research and development for 23 years and built guitar, sound systems here in Ghana not abroad. We made our car engines independently because we are not inferior to other countries especially to Europeans, we are very smart. Our fears has crippled us and rendered us incapable of modernity. Let’s change. Farm modernistically, invest in it and build our destinies together. Stop music and dancing, its enough. It pains me to see Ghana in this state. We see young Ghanaians selling apples, dog-chains, PK candies by the roadside -these are not jobs!”

    “We will change these old thinking to a new thinking of industrialization and modernity”.

    “Tell those who say Ghana or Africans are poor, ‘its the dead that is poor’, if the old Ghana is poor, today we will prosper”.

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