Ghana’s Kantanka vs Germany’s VW Plant Proposal

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After Ghanaians and Nigerians have suffered to build their own fleets of cars, Europeans again comes to seek to unseat Kantanka. Europeans manufacturers and their governments are truly unashamed embarrassment.

The CEO of Kantanka Cars tweeted Sept 2, asking, “Why is it so difficult for Africans to support their own?”. I will answer: Money. Access to manufacturers of the government of Ghana’s Money. Kantanka CEO reacted to Akufo-Addo’s government to allow Germany’s VW to set up an Assembly line in Ghana.

He said he is not scared of any competition from Germany

That’s a concession and it must stop immediately. The action of Akufo-Addo is concession to an already bitter, racist Nazi economic enemy of west Africans. Look at the way Namibians and south Africans suffer due to Germanics invasion and domination of their economies and the poverty that besets them. Akufo-Addo is weak and immoral leader. Remember, African Americans cannot set up a car company here in the USA, a huge market. In fact isn’t it the same white supremacists that enslaves, impoverished and barred Africans and people of African descent from even owning a store in the world?

Oh so today Ghana’s market is big enough for Nazi German cars to set up in inferior people’s market? Support Kantanka. In fact the owner was previously a master Technician at Suame Magazine, a sprawling mechanic mecca in Kumasi. A group from the same place constructed a truck which the Dutch quickly boasted they built it with Kumasi mechanics.

Kantanka’s starter, Safo Snr, also made electrical drums with brain units, loud speakers, even excavators and many more. Dr. Safo Snr practically swims in many inventions, including jets and cars that starts up with a shirt.

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