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    Ghana’s Wealth On The Line, Workers Cry Foul Play


    Jan 14, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 14, 2019

    Ghana Central Bank Needs to Renovate and Modernize.  The Bank Of Ghana is notoriously Opaque

    Ghanaian Workers are panicking for the lack of transparency over Menzgold transactions where billions worth of their monies have gone missing due to the political systems and the long history of minerals ending up in Europeans’ bank vaults instead of Ghana’s. The Central Bank of Ghana’s architectured building itself badly needs a touch of modernity.

    In need of modernity, Ghana Central bank, Accra

    The Ghana currency, Cedi should be worth more than the Pound or Dollar, second only to Petrodollar, but where is the Cedi’s international trading? Infact the Cedi has to be accepted as one of the international currencies in Africa.

    A Paltry image on Ghana’s Menzgold

    I tried looking for images of the Central Bank Of Ghana gold Vault information and came up almost empty. I could not even locate a real image of the Bank of Ghana gold vault.

    China’s gold

    Meaning a major gold producer like Ghana does not have a public image of its own gold vault. The Bank of Ghana is the most secretive organization ever. I one time said that outsiders know more about Ghana’s financial systema than Ghanaian citizen who labor blood and tears for those monies. Ghanaians sorrow over their so called ‘poverty’ but are actually one of the richest people on earth today. Ghana’s wealth information is a little too modest and the Ghanaian public including the financial sectors do not help much in divulging in information for money to be discussed openly causing heartaches and bank crisis.

    Cedi with no-easy-to-get symbol on computer keyboard

    Bank of Ghana’s information system is woefully inadequate and turgid at best. They practically deny everything and would allow much scrutiny including their dealings with Dutch gold, British gold, Swiss gold or Rothschild’s BIS etc. Ghana’s or South Africa’s gold information systems are not enough for investors. We need more transparency. Infact they need to open up more extensively, not just following trends on the internet to open up. The central Bank Of Ghana must respect the workers whose wealth they hold and is trusted for.

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