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    GM Plant In Ohio Suffers Racism


    Jan 19, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 19, 2019

    Its shocking to see that U.S. Chambers of Commerce is shockingly white America and that is what Asian business partners see first and foremost. I can confidently say the corporations in Asia have no idea there are Black businesses in America. It is completely over-run by whites and have destroyed trust between the two races. Trade Unions have shut out Black people so they can have the field all by themselves. Its been a worrying trend. That is the core of the racism that tears at America and U.S. international trade network. Even Ambassadors to African countries are still white Americans with strong strong ties to their European countries. It makes Blacks feel isolated, insulted and unable to thrive commercially.

    White supremacy is just a whip but international trade networks, American commerce, resource management is white however white trade aggression overall has been towards all races. For example trade war with China. Trade war? Why? It seems there’s a load of anger. While other races remain calm, friendly and, understanding for whites need to have all the attention, posh things, best of the best, clean aesthetics, walk on carpet, no filth. Armed to the teeth, mechanized to the teeth.

    White-only commerce

    This aint cool. Its been a straight up rude attitude with a healthy dose of spite for even those who actually like whites except there’s no way to defend this debilitating attitude that has dogged humanity for eons. Europeans and their terrifying “allies’ definitely control trade and resources for their benefit. This must stop. Blacks must be able to control their resources for their own benefit without redress, mindful of the environment.

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