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    Great Advice For A Startup in Ghana


    Nov 19, 2018
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    Investing in Ghana with a $50k, what would you do?
    1. Open a restaurant that caters to African expats and Caribbean cultures.
    2. Property: Either rent, build to sell, hostels, build a school or a univ
    3. Do a magazine business -printing
    4. Hi-tech farming
    5. Fashion: bring your different idea, style, the way to approach the public (packing, advertisement with a healthy dose of respect for the culture will land you well).
    6. Journalist – travel to villages to get stories, make documentaries and sell to media, launch with some marketing skills along the way.

    And a great advice for startup jobs with salary to boot:

    And customize the advise according to qualifications, experience and needs. Here youtube site is here for more information and guidelines for moving and prospecting for a Ghana living.

    And broadening your scope a little bit and be ready to send your practical skilled work -dont skimp on your abilities, you should be working on it already. Be good at what you do.

    Cultivate western standard of good habits, punctuality, reliability and communication skills. Try and aim for a higher bracket of people to get quality service and quality people that move things at a much faster pace.
    Do your home work, find out and hone in your niche, uniqueness, and be prepared to be flexible. If possible show your work to others and ask for a feedback. Broaden your scope to encompass more people and do not be afraid of criticism or even rejection or a refusal.
    Price your items or services right but also be aware of the lack of other amenities available and do your very best. You can exhibit some wares in the mall stores, if you can.
    Opportunities are like gold nuggets, Faith said in the video conversation. You have to pick it up nd implement it as soon as possible.

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