Hegemons’ Money and U.S. Dollar Cranker, Wonder Where It Disappears To?

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday April 10, 2019

If you wonder why startup is without monetary support, the Fed is there for you. What are you waiting for? If money difficult to attain, its availability to you is intentional. Hidden in plain sight while you suffer for it. Some startup start with zero dollar and end up still struggling, even after many years of work.

Money Bag Analysis By Robert Reich. And below:

Reich stresses that

  1. Big money in politics works against you. Meaning you will never see your money.
  2. America contains a hidden countervailer and determines the rules of the White Big Guys game
  3. There’s virtually no support for startups, some struggle intensively to survive.
  4. The effect on communities is what we see today -anti establishment by Whites who voted for Trump for money salvation.

5. Authoritarian populists use anger and direct it at the innocent minorities and foreigners who do not have access to the moneybag in the first place. If the problem is not solved minorities will continued to be victimized by the same groups and incite one another for political gains.

It is a market that is organized to funnel money to the already rich rather than distribute it broadly. America’s problem is the scarcity of good jobs, not grocery store hirings.

It has caused main streets in our towns to be as desolate and declined as possible.

Downtown Newark, New Jersey

People will keep coming and mixing because it is a market-based economy. It is a marketplace.

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