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Yorbing Staff, Thursday February 14, 2019

Online Platforms To Sell Your Manufactured Clothes Line:

Online business can be expensive, its not as cool as you might expect.

  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • Uline For packaging and shipping.
  • Remember, there’s nothing better than a good old brick and mortar store front. Check consignment stores for starters.
  • Uprinting for tags and packaging labels. And packaging sleeves if you need one.
  • Seek traditional markets in developing countries in western Africa.
  • Get label printers, if you can, on line and choose the one suitable to your needs.

Look for dedicated people you can work with and dont stress about HR. Now you appreciate how HR feels when hiring. Dont go for a freak or people who will make life difficult for you, dodging and absent, silent, uncommunicative etc. Avoid these.

Do not be overly dependent on importer half-finished or premade ‘raw’ goods that are custom-made to only fit a certain group. Do things ground up with a better raw material to achieve a desired outcome.

Go cheap and always try to save money. Make money fluid but dont be afraid to get the right tools to start your work. Dont go cheap on the tools or they might break.

Dont destroy your beginning or people or media that helped you along the way to easily throw them away. Its a valued beginning you build on, a foundation. Respect it. Use snap chat, instagram, youtube, facebook etc

Keep promoting consistently.

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