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    Huawei 5G War With Five-Eyes


    Dec 18, 2018
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    Yorbing Staff December 17, 2018

    China spent approximately 24Billion in R&D Wireless Communications sector and built 350,000 new sites while United States built less than 30,000. China has a 5-year Economic Plan of 400Billion (its worth in Yuan) in 5G related instruments, meaning the 5G is way ahead of the U.S. touting tech giants.

    For the first time, after the wars I&II U.S. hawks might not be the ones cooking up new cutting-edge tech but China.

    Five Eyes is one of the most powerful western spies (CIA is so yesterday), a group formed to collect and share information across 5 countries, U.S., UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada – smells of the British empire alright as opponents of Germany and its allies – this group met and decided to ban Huawei from these countries because it has huge potential of spying.

    The Huawei CFO arrest is the culmination of timing trying to weaken China and its companies. Fascinating indeed.

    The funny thing is that everybody embraced the west’s tech, so why not China’s? Afterall the west has done tons of forays in Asian Pacific countries and seized control of the China-pacific seas for its own pleasures.

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