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    Huawei Case: UK


    Dec 28, 2018
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    Yorbing Staff, December 28, 2018

    The core white hegemony that cause so much headache, even crashing world markets doesn’t get them to recant are at it again:

    All White Anglo Saxon Hegemons, Fruits of the British Empire

    The Question is why now? TheHegemons make a common front against a nemesis, China, who challenges their hegemony over others and leaves Africa shivering in the dark for so long. According to British commentator, Galloway, the Hegemons do not want a Chinese company to be in on the deal of 5G because of their own spying…and therefore construct a false allegation that Huawei is somewhat a security risk.

    The British Hegemons still busily construct hostile and aggressive relations with Russia and China (that is the stance with south Africans by white supremacists -threats and intimidation tactics, creating a warlike atmosphere and causing extreme poverty in the region including Namibia)…Facebook’s Zuckerberg can be hefted for spying instead.

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