Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei Gives A Great Setting For Journalists

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday May 22, 2019

A neat, organized setting for a great interviews. A proper way to give dignity to a cause, no matter what. Many leaders treat journalists as enemies and wouldn’t be decent towards them, not this case.

And they do not have to mix races to be approved. They do not have to invade countries in order to be benign. China consistently gives opportunity for a dialogue without feeling left out, like how Europe and American-Europeans do as a norm to divide their own societies. European Americans do not need to mix in order to be inclusive, no one asked them to be aggressive and colonize in order to do business. They do their own people injustice with their transposition onto other realms.

Asians are homogeneous societies and has remained so. They do not have to mix to be superior over others.

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