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    I Dont Agree Trevor


    Dec 19, 2018
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    White Americans and their spooks have more to gain at a disadvantaged Black population than Russians in Russia. The political will of Russians in America does not include African Americans. Its more in the interest of white Americans and their hatred for anyone they’ve previously abused and continue this mindset just for domineering ways.

    “Russians” are the Americans.  If they deride Black Lives matter, why put up “Blue and White Lives Matter” and blatantly show it in Charlotteville, SC? We see Blue Lives Matter posters on NJ Route 80 daily. It is in the interest of racist American politics to see to it that African Americans do not have their way, just like Huawei debacle. Its opposition and a fight for their rights.

    Its racist whites swipe at Blacks for sure, what more can we say? And then using African Americans to come back at Russia’s Putin and insult him.

    If Russia did to suppress the Black vote, look at the midterm 2018 elections and the blatant anti Black votes that occurred. Didn’t Oprah campaign for Williams and Gillum? Who won? Its the white election machination doing its dirty jobs, darlings. But Lady Sloan got it!

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