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    Ideology: Not Forgetting Where You Aim To Achieve


    Sep 5, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff Thursday September 5, 2019

    *Featured: Yoycart.com, [accessed Sept 5, 2019}

    The story beneath shows how a lad stays focused on a dream even though he had nobody to help him out. Dirt poor he aimed to humble himself to menial tasks according to his abilities and became well off.


    Don’t give up on yourself, keep chipping away one after the other. Obey and follow instructions to the letter and add your own discipline and decisions to excel.

    Don’t work too, too hard.


    Don’t be vicious in business, no one is perfect and ‘be ye kind to one another’ without a recourse. Share.

    Below by Eduardo Verastegui:

    Video: Eduardo Verastegui, June 14, 2016, YouTube.

    May your customer service be perfect…by ESMA Movies:

    Video: ESMA Movies, oct 30, 2014, Youtube.

    And finally, don’t get lost and give up, you will get there…even if your stuff isn’t perfect…{in Taiwanese characters}…

    Video: Taiwanese, July 31, 2010, YouTube.

    Keep trying.

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