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    If You Ignore Dr. Ford’s and All Other Children’s Plight, Republicans, You Are Condemned


    Sep 28, 2018
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    Kill The Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh and Get Somebody Else. Today’s Civic Duty is Judged

    From what we’ve heard so far, this hearing is not about routine that the Senators might want to throw out or debate ad nauseum without direct participation of those women and men in question.  Republicans speeches have been divisive and formentative.  It is not Kavanaugh judging himself.

    America does not belong to Republicans, republicans are representatives of their constituents.  Kavanaugh should have been immediately disqualified.  People vote for these senators to do representation as best as they can but then turn it into turf self-wars.  No wonder Minorities suffer and are down all the time.  Look at women’s complaints critically and vote for women representatives. Period.

    These guys do not exhibit excellence, they practice groupism.  Senator Graham’s is about vain-glory and a party loyalism. Get young intelligent people on the court system.  Indeed no one is entitled to the Supreme Court as Senator Cory Booker said, and we recommend Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota for her stance. Indeed there should be checks and balances because it looked as if Republicans are unwilling to protect all women in America.  Senator Booker argument said they should trust in the process to bring justice to Kavanaugh if they so wish.  Assign Booker to the investigation and add women.  Senator Blumenthal nailed the coffin. Find somebody else, fast.


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