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    Incumbency and Decency: Is Trump Good?


    Nov 8, 2018
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    With checks and balances working together. “This is a bout a new struggle, we are in a global struggle, of ideas, not communism versus capitalism anymore but it is about autocracy and authoritarianism versus democracy and representative government. Russia is at the vanguard of the autocratic movement and he has many immitators, e.g. Erdogan. But there are other emulators in Cairo with Asisi; in Hungary, in Poland, in Marie Le Pen in France and in opposition to Angela Merkel in Germany and throughout the world, in particularly in Europe there are enormous concerns about whether we will stand up to this kind of Russian aggression in the war of ideas or whether we will defend liberal democracy, whether we will defend them quite physically from invasion, as the Russians did in Ukraine.
    America is an idea. It is this idea America that is so much at risk right now with this presidency. People around the world look at us and they wonder, is that the same America?… Does it speak to me?…That idea is at risk and the real core of our investigation is to understand how the Russians is challenging that idea and what we need to do to fight back”.


    Media is the fourth estate and must not be attacked and one of the watchdogs to people in power to any checks and balance.

    And separation of powers – the executive, legislature and judiciary. But Media has to be put in perspective to be more effective, its being impoverished and codified to the point of mumification by powers. Media’s role must be revisited under this administration before it goes out. This is critical. The importance of media seem to be going down with social media being the force that takes over even though Tech companies profess media as the focus of development in the fourth estate and for the estate and for the public. Media seem not to be taking care of itself. Media definition is thoroughly undefined and open to discussion, it is not a vanguard anymore than hoopla. It must be part but separate from government to function properly.
    Contemporaneously media as the fourth estate is not included in government even though they are relevant to nation-building narratives.

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