Indonesians War Against Papua New Guineans

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday May 12, 2020

*Featured: ABC News Australia, May 12, 2020, Youtube

Meanwhile Papua New Guinean Prime Minister gets infested with coronavirus…

Video: ABC News Australia, April 17, 2020, Youtube

Blacks have faced virulent racism against them by Indonesians that has persisted for decades, fucking Indonesian morons. Idiots!

Video: CBC News, Aug 23, 2019, Youtube

Indonesians seem to lord it over indigenous Papuans systematically, wanting their lands to grab…

Video: BBC News, Aug 23, 2020, Youtube

Chinese President Xi Jingping was there with disdain on his face, double idiot.

Video: New China TV, Nov 14, 2018, Youtube

And then Indonesians in Madagascar peddle Covid 19 herbal drink…yuck.

Video: Reuters, May 10, 2020, Youtube

And Hong Kongers duke it out with China at proxy…

Video: ABC News Australia, May 11, 2020, Youtube

Aussies also go down dirty with cops downtown…

Video: 9 News Australia, May 10, 2020, Youtube

Angry protestors wont back down…

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