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    Interesting Story Of What Really Happened in The First Thanksgiving


    Dec 2, 2018
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    Yorbing Staff

    Native American narrative of The first American Thanksgiving and what happened.

    Why dont you celebrate Homowo instead? Just Google the festival in Ghana called Homowo. And they did not honor the most important people of all, the Natives who have been trading (not out of this world) with Europeans and probably every body else, like a world trade system that has long existed and they were shut-out? We owe Native Americans a lot. Who and what is the race and what is their history and story? Native Americans are worldly and Asiatic and probably masters at trade themselves. We know very little about them, if the narratives of slavery doesn’t dominate the story so much!

    Eternal Ungrateful, for those who twisted this story.
    And then the Great Migration. Dollemore, recant! You were right and wrong. “You did not arrive first”. Oh dear.
    Why did west Europeans migrate to the Native American’s lands? The narrator asserts that the European migrants’ fanatic religious principles ensured no peace between the Natives and them could last long. The struggle is really then between the Natives and white European migrants and not African Americans or their southern American native neighbors.
    So the Natives war machine did not last too long to equal or match the ferocity of the newcomers. Natives became recessive and their real face is missing.

    The narration continues, “the First Thanksgiving was a brief moment of harmony between the two worlds but sadly it was short-lived…”

    How did Natives not know their very next door neighbors, Africa continent 9,400 nautical miles away that lay next to Brazil and could protect themselves?

    A pretty perplexing picture. So Europeans were prospectors who divided themselves between Europe and northern America (when they found a way) to divide and conquer resources as a way of getting wealthy in an otherwise scarce resourced west European countries, to enrich themselves as more prospectors arrive to feast on the booty. It happened quickly and devastatingly fast and replicated worldwide. The so-called hated by King James I, this makes them not Dutch prospectors but British or English prospectors.

    Its their tradition of relational understanding and culturalism that brought on the saga. Stop polishing stories so we can learn from it. The British groups might have been refugees from the country fleeing iron rulers in Britain and elsewhere. As words got around they fled but with very limited mindset to be really free from their countries of origin and culture and their sort of Christianity.
    It teaches us that some white European rulers can be cruel to their own citizens like Syrian President Bashir al Assad and his supporters. The 16th century might have been a cruel era for many a people including Africans. Western Europeans were sophisticated, worldly groups and very calculating who happen to be vulnerable, at times, due to their way of living. Remember other races and countries in Asia like Australian Aborigines did not have it easy either.

    The opportunity gave the refugees enough incentives to some modicum of freedom – for a short time.
    It should also give Native Americans incentive to broaden their narrative. The “American” continent has become so contested that the so-called natives are a mixed breed of all their enemies bunched together in their faces, predominantly Chinese, Japanese and part of far eastern Asia in their faces.

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