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    Sep 26, 2018
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    Julius Malema confronts the soft stance (the soft power PR) of whites in south Africa – a judge candidate van der Westhizen and men like him and his cohort’s soft stance but devastating all the same who continue occupying power to maintain the status quo with very little concessions. Behind this man is the military police forces, navy, army. Malema said Dutch (Germanics and British in particular) apartheid taught whites to be racist towards Black Africans and its part of the education system – a critical formative years – socialization processes between Black Africans and whites – for whites to hate Black Africans. He asked the judge, ‘did apartheid taught white people to hate Black people?

    I’m just coming from a Smithsonian National Arts and its full of European mores -German, Dutch, Italian, British, French, Spanish paintings, van Gogh, Dali, Gucci shoes, or whatever and this guy feigns to not know the mores and belief system of a religio- apartheid. Malema asked again, “was apartheid designed to hate Black people?

    President Obama was shown severe hatred and the police brutality is part of this type of hate against Black people. Malema answered right, that yes, apartheid ( a Germanic Dutch word) was designed in hatred of Black people. period. The chief complaint of African nationalists and the forebears is that apartheid was part of and designed to oppress Black Africans in their country. van der Westhuizen should admit it an move on but its still an ongoing problem, systematized in the social fabric of south African life. Westhuizen is a racist. simple. The the moron said, “I’m a lawyer not a linguist”. Then the hammer fell on the guy. “‘Apartheid’ is the lingua franca of the colonists. The system whites benefited from. Malema is trying to pin the blame on the system and Westhuizen is a representation of an endemic system designed to keep south Africans from freedom. There is an overwhelming evidence of whites trying to wipe-out and replace Blacks everywhere in the economic strastosphere. That’s what Malema tries to imply. Poor Westhuizen tries to further dig his own grave.

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