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    Investment: China Way


    Sep 26, 2018
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    Everybody is a ‘Communist’ except American Europeans and yet after many years of armed-tactics strangle-hold of company ownership in America (south Africa anyone?) it has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many African Americans who want to own their own businesses. European Americans business elite acts like bulwarks against competition or ownership of company, even the smallest hint of independence spells doom for innocent prospectors. Doing business in America is very unfriendly and hard to attain, unless you are white and a millionaire. The reliability of electricity made me to start my clothes manufacturing here in New Jersey but market access and the entrance into the clothing businesses and their chain stores was hard. U.S. Economic Business Partnership, Virginia. Also, large machines and equipment might cost more . U.S. business arena is like a mighty ocean (very intimidating) to quickly become a pool. Asian business are not seen much but are felt. American Whites are deeply emotional about jobs. Its closely aligned to their way of living and their standard of living. They’ve invested fiercely into machinery and nothing stops them from acquiring huge equipment for manufacturing. Without big machine equipment they are cottage and lonely. They are close-minded and deeply proud of their achievements and totally hysterical, ask Business News media. U.S. citizens totally lawyer up businesses and makes it into a fest of politicians’ policy. Its also a high-end product market. They are always afraid of others’ businesses because of their evil deeds.

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