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    Italy Spars With France Over Printing CFA Currency


    Jan 31, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, Thursday January 31, 2019

    A Disgraceful Revelation

    What in particular are the francophone countries hiding? The central bankers benefit from fat concessions while the citizens live in poverty.

    Ivorien identity crisis. Burkina-Ivorien, president Ouattara and wife Dominique

    Alassane Ouattara is a convenient plant for the power brokers in Franco-Afrique relations, a sad story for Ivory Coast. Ouattara saw his Burkina migrants as marginalised northern muslims in Ivory Coast and fought a vicious war against Laurent Gbagbo and Guillaume Soro. Ouattara is one of the main privileged groups in Franco-Afrique relations, printing of CFA currencies. Ouattara is firmly under the influence of the Franco-Afrique “alliance”. He is an old friend (betrayer of African affairs) of Sarkozy and the French elite, and an IMF darling. Since then the north muslims proliferate the Ivorien government and defend France printing 14 African countries’ currencies.

    How come France as one country control 14 African countries’ currencies and call it ‘franc’? Printing of currencies is rife with secrecy worldwide.

    Alassane Ouattara, Konan Bedie, Guillaume Soro and Laurent Gbagbo

    The Ivorien elite spar in politics and become the leaders in Cote d’Ivoire. It is a convenient show of power and influence, while the ravaged population wait on meagre life-sustenance. Why an African elite? It is the people that make up politics but somehow end up with a few men. These men who spar each other are millionaires, billionaires etc. They might trample to the slums now and then to garner votes, to stay being rich (poor souls) or show a few favors to the few party affiliates. Its all in the basket few. For these men, they’d rather maintain the status quo -who will chop the presidency first; have access to good things in life, first; marry the best looking gal, first; vacation in the best places, first; etc. Even then they continue to hoard monies to facilitate their choice lifestyles.

    Its funny the way these men spar each other and give way to who will benefit first then hand over, in the same circle of ‘foes’ and ‘friends’. Will these millionaire, billionaire save their people from being poor of the very thing they spar of? I doubt that.

    These are examples to many a peer group who might be inspired to be like them. It is ironic that it is the same voting people that affirms politicians’ hold on power. These have way too much power for many decades. Its because we tolerate these fools, far too many times, that they stay on and think we dont care. Ivoriens themselves can rule themselves and do a better job. Decentralize and spread out decision making to their own constituents without giving in to the lime-light-crazed shrieks.

    They want it all for themselves. They cause heinous infightings and impoverish many, yet see themselves as saviors of ‘development’. Its time the Ivoriens themselves regain some power to change their own destinies and not rely on foreigners and their colluders to print their wealth for them.

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