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    Its Not ‘Our Economy’, We Already Knows Who Dominates and Profits


    Sep 26, 2018
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    They dont even bother to mention Africa’s gold production. Western Europeans power lay in currencies which in turn is managed by a Keynesian thinking- credit cards, buy everything in debt to grow your economy. So keep borrowing Fake Money (fiat) – paper Dollars and keep expanding debts. The consequence is recessions and unemployment. A good 100 million of Americans do not work. Some are able to navigate around this hardship, I mean some talented, maybe hot-looking, few. U.S. has lost veritable standard of living. U.S. and European nations have lost friends and allies but have this strange hope in Asian economies including India’s to save their butt. Financial gurus pin their hope on the ever increasing value of gold and silver and other means of ‘wealth’ to get around living luxurious lifestyles or not. Whichever. U.S. spent a lot of time fixating on their Dollar, financing other economies, large and small. Massive financing to European countries and in turn was given the liberty to print more dollars. Wall Street traded U.S. treasuries and bonds were flying off the shelves, oils were priced in dollars raising the currency’s esteem. There are Trillions of these IOUs and bond littering the banks and in people’s hands. Russia has dedollarized and stashed gold and want Eurasia to follow suit. U.S Europeans and allies controlled the world system and due to avid racism and nepotism Africans and other indigenous populations either suffered or were sidelined as if they didn’t exist. The gross snobbery and insult of president Obama proved this point. European Americans internationally antagonized, bossed and bullied everybody around. Russia currently signed a $400Bn oil and gas deal with China – the deal might be done in ‘dollars’ (does U.S. gets a fee for the ‘dollar’ transaction?). The consistent problem was European Americans own history and bullying tactics (characteristics of white hegemons and stupidity around the earth. They see mote in everybody’s eyes and hounds them for it. They did not pay honest money for labor for almost 500 years and terrorized indigenous populations. European Americans created a long list of enemies. They did not pay for slavery and thought only of profit. Africa and native Americans were right next door yet they are not citizens enough. This place is rife with discrimination and racist attacks daily. Native Americans, some are in deplorable situations in reservations for 100s of years. Visit and see for your self.

    U.S system of too much debt and not enough savings, a commonsense approach is eschewed vigorously by white supremacists economists. President Obama was our own, I mean our fellow African American brother but whites rejected him, to the shock of Africans all over. European Americans forgot their mores, as if they extolled in them already. President Obama was ignored, disrespected, not listened to, snobbed, insulted with virulent racist attacks while supremacists worked behind him and made policies for themselves. European Americans’ own interests trumped everything else. Especially when White Europeans owe us so much. The lands, waters, fishes, snows, territory, continents, trade-networks, you name it. Wasn’t it goodwill that made America? And just one president brother and they didn’t listen? They hacked and howl with nascent racism and hate to bring Trump, a foe to president Obama into office. Wall Streeters always think their Dollar trumps all and is superior. Maybe too much winning makes one’s heart really lifts up.

    I look at the suits they wear and I know its made in China or Asia somewhere, done by slave labor. They never learn. Pay people fair wages, even if its paper! Show your gratitude to people. Be humble. Remember the Lord your Elohim.

    It was a privilege not your hair.

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