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    Kantanka Cars: First VW, Now Nissan And SinoTruk Jostle For Ghana


    Dec 13, 2018
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    Akufo-Addo dips foot in muddy waters as powerbrokers play.

    Here’s what is going on: Marc Vanderpitte Global Research wrote:

    “That China is no longer the playground of large multinationals is bad as it is. But much worse is the fact that the economic position of the US has weakened, while China’s has been enhanced significantly. In 1980, the US GDP was one third of the world GDP, while China’s GDP was a little more than one twentieth. Today they both account for a quarter.”

    The threat for local car manufacturer in Ghana Kantanka is real. The Akufo-Addo government has just signed yet another memorandum of understanding with three car competitors into the Ghanaian market instead of protecting Kantanka Automobile Ltd.  Critics say the President’s much-touted ‘Ghana beyond aid’ is hollow if it cannot empower local businesses and entrepreneurs. Akufo-Addo’s government’s desperation to ease unemployment jeopardizes Ghana’s own future with short-sighted programs. An insider in the Akufo Addo government complained that Kantanka does not target mass markets and high priced vehicles.  The daughter of Kantanka Automobile is a procurement minister for Akufo-Addo.

    Kantanka’s business model might have some issues that have not been divulged into making it inaccessible to the markets more quickly like more tools and sense. Kantanka lacks sophisticated communicators and analytics who can foresee the future for growth of the industry, it might be a good idea to have competition to sharpen and broaden the fledgling industry with needed tools to not kill it off.  The already established industrial powerhouses like Nissan, VW and Sinotruk attempting to get into faddish Ghana market is to kill off Kantanka as a potential candidate for regional and global influence. Germany and Japan are shameless racist goons who should never be given a single floor for their wares in Ghana or Africa.

    Kantanka Cars demand consultation by the Akufo-Addo government:

    1.They want policies to regulate the auto industryDuty-free import of tools and parts and equipment (knocked-down parts) because its termed luxury items.

    2. Tax holiday for 5-10 years to lower the price of the cars sold into the fledgling mass markets and regional markets.

    3. Government must set a good example as first citizens by buying the cars as national flag everywhere.

    The video below is long but the question and answer section is important especially Akufo-Addo’s plan for the coming next months and years.

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