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    Kantanka: National Changing of a Mindset


    Oct 11, 2018
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    The snobbery of Africa in international trade between Asia, Europe and America without Africa is a great cause for concern and it’s felt in the classrooms in Ghana vocational schools. It seems the conversation if its ever mentioned, is about Africa and aid not Africa with trade connections. It has had a grave repercussions that has actually galvanized a quack Doctor emeritus to capture the lack of technology vacuum to emerge in its blazing glory.

    Africa markets is always an after thought when it comes to the big wig traders- hence Patrice Lumumba’s wrath.
    Cutting edge technology is fought over by now two Asian powers Japan and China, with Africa feeling isolated and overlooked. It looks as if all the nice inventions are padded between the Asian owners with India in the offing but never Africa. Asia, is an important business partner as of old between old empires, Europe, United States exclusively. They wine and dine each other, are familiar with their very latest inventions (Kwadwo Safo wink) and form international alliances in each other’s markets -never the sitting room. This is the wielding power over African American relationship with Africa and Africans in diaspora -virtually none. The lynchpin is here. Each is familiar with one another’s latest inventions and highly polished goods and services that ever eludes Africa, politics in the Savannah. Poor Africa. And then there’s the ever nasty Arab neighbors, raggedy and sandy and inconveniently religious. Oh chucks.

    Asian businesses are self contained (Safo’s dream) and horribly self sufficient hence foraging and freewheeling with a healthy dose of pity on a benign Africa. African leaders quickly grasp at the idea that Obroni Chinese will even look at them then comes racist imperialist Nazi Volkswagen and their Prussian princesses and Nigeria and Ghanaians bowled over, ready to take any old prestige bestowed upon Nana Akufo Addo’s Ghana, not independence.

    China is fiercely sharp now, not the old imperial trade hub that ceded a trade zone to Portuguese in 1514 during the Ming Dynasty. U.S. politicians and economic policies are closely tied to Asian markets giving them a head start together, even if some of the key ideas might have petered into American ideology by Africans or even Arabs.
    Its a bitter irony and Europeans show their uncompromisingly bullying side by threatening inconsistent reasons for a trade war with who, Africa’s now partner China? O please grow up.

    Kantanka needs a good faithful partner, like Europeans with Asians, except is a cut throat business ethics out there. Sadly the technology exhibited by Kwadwo Safo already exists in a cut throat world, -don’t be discouraged please – and proliferates in both worlds. Its a saturated market and they made sure to overlook Africa, given its sorrows.
    China shores are too desirable and attractive to Europeans in particular (remember Colombus and crew were going to the same market when they colonized the Americas).
    The EU’s policies is directly linked to Asian markets, overwhelmingly so.

    Kantanka’s plight is that they are a bit too slow, hampered by historical ties with nastily proud Europe.

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