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    Khashoggi’s Memorial: An Appalling Atrocity Against Him


    Oct 31, 2018
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    Khashoggi died for speaking his mind.

    The crown prince step down from his farcical ‘investigation’ and we know that some elements amongst Saudi Arabian culture that is deeply embedded in that society the propensity to chop up human beings, an example is the harrowing recounts of many domestic and young women seeking employment in the middle east end up dead and chopped up, raped and ripped apart. This is inhumane and must stop.

    1. The bizarre teaching of Wahhabism and Islamism of the extreme kind without recourse or scientific truths
    2. The terror is international and goes beyond the Islamic borders to neighboring countries including in trades, intelligent modern labor systems
    3. Khashoggis death and others are acts of terrorism and must be condemned, the lady in question must be addressed and condemned also. Slavery must be wiped out in Saudi society and markets.
    4. Women are in danger and enslaved
    5. They lack enlightenment, scientific critical thinking, industry and modernism -they are a product of ruinous theories and belief system.
    6. They lack a deep respect for womenkind

    Evil men waited in the offing to pounce and dismember a noble harmless individual. What kind of religious group practices this system? A deep level of barbarity, just like the deaths of 9/11, carefully thought of, planned, and executed – to be repeated again.
    The Saudis must be stripped of their role as religious society and leaders in Islam. Saudis role as religious leaders are put into question.

    MBS = Mr. Bone Saw



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