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    Kofi Annan Remains Arrives in Accra


    Oct 1, 2018
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    Ghana’s might also fallen. Condolences.

    he present Ghana president and situations are more ceremonial pomposity, talk-down on his ‘subjects’ and lawyers wear white wigs. The president is firmly in control, and firmly male dominated. Its not a very open democracy of as flexible and controversial like south Africa’s. A little moribund.

    Journalism is not quick or proliferate. Leadership is very authoritarian and extremely slow paced. South African speaker ladies are fashionable, in a forever honeymoon positions. Ghana parliament communications needs to open up to the public, contemporaneously, invidiously using social media platforms to reach their constituents and diasporas. Its too emotional and theatrical. The parliament coverage needs more exposure to help them do their jobs better and to understand issues better. They need to open to robust public engagement, not top down rule. Ghana politicians are fearfully corrupt and are consistently in a mode for corruption scandals. Its boring.

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