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    Land Issues In South Africa Is Economic Issue


    Sep 26, 2018
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    Land As Economics

    Southern Africans and indeed indigenous populations has had to fight white supremacists, multinational companies headed by whites and other developed countries, where apartheid south Africa whites exploited southern Africans for the 120 years or so. Yet whites still harbor racism in every sphere of life in south Africa and especially Namibia. These countries are the capital of racism. If Africans want to involve whites in robust engagement instead of out and out wars then what is the need of whites and why are they so rude? whites refuse to show remorse and want to perpetuate their stance all over their so called “territories”, “commonwealth”. Malema clearly states he want a non-racial society, a world of humans and not color and for those whites who eschew racism to stand up and say “not in my name”. He said we live in a society where the colonizer and the colonized lived in the same territory even though the colonized did not seek revenge with those who colonized because its a place for everyone and want the economy to benefit all. He said south Africans cannot protect the privileged at the expense of the majority of African people in south African and Africa as a whole. Some African countries still pay colonial tax to France. As of January 2014 14 African countries including Guinea are forced to pay a colonial pact, a 85% of their foreign reserve into France central bank under French minister of Finance control. Africans put in $500 Billion every year to the French Treasury. African leaders who refuse are killed or victim of coup. Those who obey are supported and rewarded by France with a lavish lifestyle while their people endure extreme poverty and desperation. “France indebts and enslaves Africans by means of Africa’s own wealth; eg 12 billion invested at 3% creates 360 billion in interests which France grants as credit to Africa at an interest rate of 5-6% or more. The allegory of ‘bleeding Africa and feeding France’ is no exaggeration, not alarmists, and not revolutionary” – Christof Lehman to MSNBC 2012. And I thought money was printed? Isn’t money paper? No, some African leaders also see the reserve bank as their personal bank account. “In every failed state it was so because of an individual called president” said Malema. Everything is designed around the president, from democratic rule to personal rule. They respect the individual than the state institution.

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