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Yorbing Staff Tuesday April 16, 2019

*Countries that use Ghana Cedi is zero even though its an important gold producer in the world. Ghana is deliberately squeezed out. Those who make the financial laws have killed Americo-western African market finance, dead.

Western Markets Does Not Include Direct Link to Africans Online. For example currencies and credit card payments on line, Africans are discredited and questioned for stealing information for business, making it hard to transmit messages across. The tech companies are their mother’s kids and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The platform for sales still doesn’t broaden enough to reach Africans’ marketplace online. Meaning ‘available channels’ for sales are still limited to western worlds orbit with no direct bridge friendly to African markets. It makes it a moot point to trade directly to Africa. In today’s market the most relevant are:

Available sales channels:

eBay -for western markets

Amazon -for western markets

Google Shopping -for western markets

Facebook -At least African marketeers can advertise their page. But still restrictive. Bummer.

Pinterest? No. Etsy? No. They would rather list Croatia, Germany, UK (no 1) but west Africa? No.

Westerners partner more with Asians than Africans or their wares making it a tense relation. A deliberate snobbery of Africans hurt Africans abroad, be it native or diasporan to suffer reprieve and lose.

Courtesy By Shopify: Read Full length on their site. Here’s a gist: But has stymied our progress due to discrimination against western Africans doing business.

  1. Add any available sales channels
  2. Add a custom domain
  3. Double check your payment gateway
  4. Prepare your standard pages
  5. Review your email notification settings
  6. Conduct a content audit
  7. Optimize all images on your website
  8. Install an analytics tool
  9. Have a prelaunch marketing plan
  10. Adjust your tax and shipping settings
  11. Make it easy for shoppers to contact you
  12. Install only the essential apps
  13. Set up your billing information

Above becomes irrelevant when western African countries are deliberately kept off mark and they list all European (Schengen countries with Asians markets exclusive of Africa is sad and racist.) Its been a difficult horrifying experience dealing with these issues and prolonged an otherwise simple processes. See here for the full list.

On Etsy, west African markets are deliberately left out. April 16, 2019

So as Diasporans we still do not have several platforms bridging Africans’ abroad and African markets continental. Has the work markets excluded European marketers? Its practically unheard of. That’s why we need a market. Even on Africa’s own continent, Arabs and Europeans build a wall to prevent Africans from moving freely.

As of April 16, 2019, Paypal restricts Ghana? If the enemy makes the rules, its irrelevant except that its intended to humiliate.

These two are the biggest shitholes ever. The persecution of Africans by European Abroad, is shockingly too much. We might remain financial without support while the persecutor in chief prospers. Westerners make themselves head of everything so they will be above reproach and unpunishable. African Americans spiritual headquarters is Ghana. If you restrict Ghana, where are African Americans and Ghanaian marketers going to prosper?

They’ve taken global resources to feed Europe and built its markets, solid.

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