Law: Did Police Plant Evidence Against An Innocent African American Male?

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday April 3, 2019

WNYC News By Danny Davis April 2, 2019

Chanel Lewis appears in court during his retrial in New York, Wednesday, March 20, 2019.
( Curtis Means/The Daily Mail via AP, Pool )

Queens Jogger Case: Victimizing Black Males For What They Did Not Commit? Of course Its Convenience And Victimization.

Just hours after they began deliberating, jury members in the trial of the rape and murder of a woman jogger in Queens returned a guilty verdict. The family of the victim, Karina Vetrano, cheered as the court clerk read the ruling.

But, according to Gothamist reporter Max Rivlin-Nadler, the trial raised serious questions about how police conducted the 2016 investigation that resulted in the arrest of Chanel Lewis.

It was the second trial for Lewis, a black man, after the initial one ended in a jury deadlock last fall. Through both trials, attorneys for Lewis questioned whether police coerced Lewis, who has a learning disability, into confessing to the crime. At the end of the latest trial, defense lawyers received an anonymous letter suggesting that police had tested the DNA of hundreds of black men who were arrested in Brooklyn and Queens because a controversial phenotyping process suggested the culprit was black.

“There’s no video evidence. There’s no eyewitness evidence here,” Rivlin-Nadler told WNYC’s Jami Floyd.

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