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    Lessons for Entrepreneurship


    Oct 1, 2018
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    • Push the boundaries in a crowded space
    • Doing your very best
    • Imaginative and creative
    • You will pay a price
    • Its either doing it in a well to do, structured environment or flexible unstructured environment to be creative
    • You must like what you do
    • Dont be afraid to start from the very ground up
    • Time and money is essential, money in time saves waste of time and resources. Money must come in time to save one’s business. Money must come in the right amount to make it.Too little or drip drips are unhealthy to a large extent. It can pretty much tank your business, especially if you dont have immediate access to market your goods or on a reputable platform. Technical skills are essential.

    U.S. market is difficult to raise money. The drip monies and nickle and dime to set up an internet turns into hundreds of dollars lost. You cant attempt to do business startup in this NY Metro market without getting discouraged. Its a no brainer, tough, male dominated and franchised, chain-stored up and stratified.

    Nothing is more worrying than someone who has invested as a journalist. Media can kill your career and you will starve.

    How to solve your problem? Move to a better state, city or country with more prospects.

    Think about how to create added value to your product to appeal.

    Leaving a legacy of your company to your children is more important than real savings for them. So succeed in your business.

    The market situation in New Jersey is not durable because its not a community, its suffers from racists mentality and decline and alienating of its youth upstarts. Its too overgrown market.

    Challenge in New Jersey is that setting up a website is not a pleasant journey. Internet companies are huge and tend to not be small and efficient, this tends to victimized those of us who needs entrepreneurial services to move on quickly. Empathy is not practiced in these setting and make me miserable and delayed.

    Its unfortunate that African Americans do not support trade with Africans, they’d rather associate with slavery-era brethren and leave contemporary African entrepreneurs out of the loop to fend for ourselves when they’ve has a head-start in all things great. So its not a humdrum of activities between Africans and African Americans anytime soon. They are not motivated to trade, instead its more of posturing and looking at Africa as either a mango to pluck or a dismal place. Either way, its sad.

    Lastly, seek out other entrepreneur who understand the needs to service one another and avoid wasting time.

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