‘Let’s Recolonize (Invade) Zimbabwe’, UK House Of Lords

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Yorbing Staff, February 4, 2019

And what is it about Zimbabwe that the British politicians want to recolonize for? The British are white, Zimbabweans are Africans, so why would they invade? What for?

You dont invade a country that security forces brutalize its citizens. Why, aren’t Blacks attacked by UK White police on a daily basis? We dont hear Zimbabweans politicians saying they’d invade Britain and colonize it for abusing their fellow citizens.

The kettle says to the pot, why are you black?

Britons are most possessive about their own borders, right? So protective that they want a Brexit to the very next door neighbors.

They are very unwelcoming to visitors yet debating a what? Then the Zimbabweans will be sitting duck as a bitter old enemy comes passing by. And Kenyans will be sitting idly by as whites take control of their neighboring country.

UK politicians look too old. Britain can barely afford to take care of its own citizens for decades. Poverty is pervasive in British society and their citizens desperately seek how to make ends meet. Some live on payday loans and barely put food on the table. Britain’s society is deeply divided, yet discuss invading southern Africa.

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