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    Love Thy Neighbor, Europe


    Sep 27, 2018
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    What kind of emotion that Europeans Spanish exhibit towards their southern continent neighbors, Africa all the time?  They invade and occupy Africa many times.  Most of the time, violently. Even the so-called ‘discovery’ of Africa’s nearby continent south America is glossed over.  If Spanish rich claim they were ‘enlightened’, by what means were they ‘enlightened’? Africans in fact were the original dwellers of Spain for decades.  What is this ‘African migrants’ when Africans are actually roaming and migrating to their own orbit? What’s wrong with that?

    When they invaded, in-fact occupying northern parts of Africa, I do not hear the idiotic African Union howling border security.  Africans mind their own business.  We honestly do not know or understand Europeans origins into west Europe except that they live there and Arab invaders spread across the cool temperate zone. Very advantageous.

    Spanish and Europe came ‘colonizing’ when the need arose but those who cross into Europe landmass is un-welcomed.  Anyone is free to roam their continent and move to the north if they so like. There’s nothing wrong with that. You are a bitter race and attack strangers amongst you. They’ve built walls between themselves and Africa and then migrate and live on the coasts of northern Africa, Africa’s part of the Mediterranean sea. Even waterways ‘belong’ to them. Ignorant.

    Its bespoke their hostile seizure and occupation of African countries and resources in Namibia and south Africa. Africans do not need Europe to affirm who they are.

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