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    Lumumba, Stop Complaining


    Oct 11, 2018
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    8 year old Zambian Richard Phiri’s painting of President of Zambia Edgar Lungu

    I’d rather give accolations to a flamboyant Dr. Apostle Kwadwo Safo, an inventor in Gomoa Mpota, Ghana who with the help of many young upstarts are solving the problem of industrialization and jobs. Many other prospectors in Africa working at new inventions. I’d rather ask African leaders why are they not funding new inventions and stop blaming colonization and Chinese investors?  Stop blaming ghosts.  If Africa has raw resources why dont they recognize its use?

    The Chinese come in peace and for a modicum of investments, some infrastructures that Africa’s lazy leaders only hanker for in developed economies. Isn’t it time to utilize the skills of their own Africans? Chinese cannot come to Africa with their model of economic growth (at least they brainstormed it) while you have none except World Bank/IMF/EU/America loans to buy expensive cars and expensive schools and hospitals for themselves and their children.

    Africa is a whole continent and it is not docile. If you do not know how to negotiate your own terms ask your own people to help you out. African leaders are not angels, nor innocent. China is a partner and they’ve said so.  Its your own negotiating prowess and the children you stole national coffers to educate who have to advocate for African economic development. And dont call us ‘black’. You are an angry zombie. Stop riding on popularism.

    You are right, trade is the lifeblood of  that is why we struggle to get rid of anybody forever. Of course the evidence of China’s trade imbalances in Africa is overwhelming, but your argument should be based on equity trade systems, currency at par, Africa’s manufacturing exchanges in China and in Asia as a whole -there’s a huge vacuum there.

    You are just an arm chair professor not proactive hand to the grind kind of a guy. Build your own tractors and sell to China and greedy Europeans. And dont mesh us together, except in trade.

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