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    Malema, Stay on Course


    Sep 26, 2018
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    Remember no slavery compensation for Africans for 500 years of European occupations and oppression? Do not relinquish your demand, like Mandela did. Take all the land for your economic growth and do not export, ever, to Europe. There are many African countries that will benefit, even in China and Middle East and South American Blacks. Dont give and remember also the ethnic cleansing of the Africans in Argentina as the same attempt on your lives in south Africa. Because they replicate expulsions of indigenous people off their dwelling all over earth. Just look at the trends. Look at Native Americans, look at Aborigines, look at Africans in the Americas and squeeze them out. The Argentinian story is so tragic, they want to replicate their murderous rage on you and your people. Stand firm.

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