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    Melania Trump Hits Accra


    Oct 2, 2018
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    Kwame Nkrumah with Tito, in Belgrade, Yugoslovakia, 1961

    U.S. First Lady, Melania Trump arrives in Accra. Where are the African Americans accompanying her?  Whites have alienated African Americans from direct contact diplomatically with Ghana. This is shameful and this causes rifts and blind spots in the relationship between African Americans and Ghanaians.  They come to Ghana as White Americans and not as African Americans. America belongs to Africa and its unacceptable that it is not portrayed so.  Those in power want to maintain a rift between African Americans and Africans in diaspora from realizing one another. Europeans actively subvert and prevent such things from happening with their activities.  This must stop.

    Melania’s visit without African Americans maintains the status quo and there is no attempt to rectify the situation of friendship and history, Ghana is Ghana America is America. African Americans should start trading with Africans in their continents just like European Americans do with their European counterparts.


    Britishness and the House of Hanover as Germans monarchs is a curious puzzle. First of all, why are the monarchs all over the place and sleeping and cavorting with various countries in western European region? They go to unseat Kantanka Cars as Volkswagen, Hanover, Germany. They tacitly intermarry.  So just like Caroline a queen of German descent, they intermarry between themselves. These see themselves as heavenly Hanoverians. It pretty much saying, nobody beats us in beauty and wits. We are master crafters of many things including Volkswagen. They take deep pride in their staying prowess as an engaging power of the world.  Celebrities of the same kind as heavenly hosts. They are vicious about the taste of prestige, power that money beholds to themselves.

    Its seems as if its only the ‘elites’ that are admired in those Germanic Anglo Saxons.  They are fascinated about their own selves. According to BBC History, Anglo Saxons are settlers from Germany.


    White Patriarchy and the Bespoke Statues

    German VW want to Undermine Ghana’s Kantanka Cars

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