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    Minority Babies Cannot Be American Except Whites


    Jan 16, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 16, 2019

    We love our own

    The third reason of Daily Show Trevor Noah hits home because Doctors Offices since Obama have systemically refused service to Black and Brown people in their wrath and negativity. Its been an effective tool to stay in control of their racism and attacks to wipe out and defeat Blacks. One key action that is meant to render the Black a resounding defeat apart political persecutions. We’ve not been able to successfully maintained a doctor’s service since 2009 and that attitude towards minorities has endemnified in whites and Asian communities and businesses. Sometimes it was almost impossible to enter a shop or a mall without raising suspicions or reservative attitude. It is designed to alienate a person or groups in passive aggressive behavior.

    They use these tacts to maintain the status quo. Minorities cannot be in this state forever, if these tacts are intended to racially cleanse north America of Blacks or to contend continually, systemically with them. Whites are determined not to apologize for us to move on. They tend to control and suppress that feeling, to make amends and move on without regression. It is here, we constantly face it with debilitating reality.

    What is contention? It is a sustained will to buttress, to hold in and not give in. Its wilfulness and an attempt to be mutinous, stubborn and sustain a stance of refusal to think empathetically. Its the will to continue to suppress and attack for the best results hence the flooding of an almost contemporary whites only White House interns, whites only corporations, whites only presidency, whites only News Room, whites only America. The intentions have been difficult and minorites have held on somehow, its harassed some and demise some, but generally surviving so they might ratchet up in coming months. But where to go on earth to escape whites rage and for how long.

    They’ve even withheld monies for anything. What else, eat grass? But we do. Whites have banded against minorities in the streets and give each other signals to alert themselves over things trivial like assumption of stealing, or drive minorities away from them. As if its minorities fault for being in their own country. American belongs to minorities and so shall it be. This rancor must stop.

    This perpetual mindset of wars and state of American wars about everything must end: Stop the trade wars with China! This is to enrich the few. And this racism prevents liasoning with Africa and African business trade networks. Its gone on far too long.

    They are practically saying minorities should go about life without tools or resources in order to live. only them should have the privilege of everything including being American flag.

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