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    MN Police Change Asphyxiation Narration To Look Better


    May 31, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Sunday May 31, 2020

    *Featured: KPRC 2 Click2Houston, May 30, 2020, Youtube

    More fury at police killings of African-American men…

    Video: MSNBC, May 30, 2020, Youtube

    Police twists the narration of asphyxiation to look better…

    Video: KPRC 2 Click2Houston, May 29, 2020, Youtube

    And the police seem to do the same chocking tactics to protestors…

    Video: KPRC 2 ClickHouston, May 29, 2020, Youtube

    New Yorkers lash out in fury…

    Video: CBS New York, May 29, 2020, Youtube

    Still a gruesome murder to watch…

    Video: WCPO 9, May 29, 2020, Youtube

    Attitudes of being the ‘establishment’…a typical example of this entrenched hatred of Whites against Blacks in particular…

    Video: Now This News, May 29, 2020, Youtube

    And still sheer frustration….

    Video: ABC News7NY, May 29, 2020, Youtube

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