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    Modern Day ‘Whites Only’ Newsrooms


    Jan 15, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 15, 2019

    Trump’s Whitehouse Interns intentionally purged Black and Brown People so they can be all white. This is the underpinning reason for racial tension the country. This country consistently proves its can successfully alienate other groups in this country for a long time if given the chance.

    Racism at its core, an endemic system, Trump’s whitehouse Interns

    This a shocking picture and very provocative to other groups in the country.

    WNYC The Takeaway January 15, 2019

    As the 2020 presidential election approaches, newsrooms across the country are starting to assemble their political reporting teams.

    Last weekend, CBS News announced their group of 2020 reporters and producers, but it did not go over well. Of the 12 reporters and producers named, a majority are white, and none are black.

    But CBS is not the only news organization that has issues when it comes to having a diverse staff. A 2017 survey conducted by the American Society of News Editors found that journalists of color account for just 16.6 percent of newsroom staffs.

    At WNYC, where The Takeaway is produced, people of color make up 28 percent of the staff.

    So what’s actually at stake when newsrooms fail to represent the country they report on?

    Astead Herndon, a national politics reporter for The New York Times, and Darren Sands, a national political reporter for Buzzfeed, join The Takeaway to discuss.

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