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    Money Should Be Loaned Out


    Jan 5, 2019
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    If everybody need money then its people who make money, it becomes secondary to need irrespective of the exchange. The exchange is paramount. Its the product of the demand goods and services that make the money as a medium necessary, not the end itself but the goods in need and the want to exchange. Its actually the act of producing something fundamental generate results of a needed want.

    Quickly put money is an exchange of end products for a desired end, not fought for but desired. The definition of money is to be an exchange of something for a desired commodity, a service done, a machine etc. Poverty is not the outcome of money, its depreciable, sorry. Wealth is accumulation of other resources turned into money, be it the form of assets or wants of a need done right. If we do not talk about money, it will elude us.

    The speaker lists a few concepts:

    1. Transfer of information- eg investment in two ways, as acquiring objects for regular incomes and giving out money for some returns like stocks in a startup company for a future return plus interest.
    2. Getting new information, scouting the internet and youtube for more outcomes – giving out money like credit cards with a reliable payback scheme
    3. Confidence: your idea might already be in the system and acculturated eg giving loans to musicians for a return. How does the music make money or even reach the market for the return without taking too long to payback? Do production together. Start with friends who are willing to produce with you and family member who is willing. At some point we wouldn’t even know where money will appear from the market.
    4. Keep talking and searching about obtaining things to make money
    5. Willingness to share money: The most important is the idea and the process of the product, timing and the market availability. Listen to demands of the customers and where the masses are located. The willingness to share money with the intention of helping others.

    Risks: Money is stolen by the government officials to line their own pockets in heists like today central banking systems and politicians.

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