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Yorbing Staff January 3, 2019

By Moneykikon

  1. Farming: you dont have to purchase land, rent the land and give 10% yield to the landowner so you are not stationary. Look at fisheries and other aspects of farming
  2. Food service and catering eg packaged lunches for after church hungry congregation. meaning identify a food source to service into.
  3. Vehicle parts: can supply Kantanka parts to Kantanka for example researching on the parts Kantanka imports and manufacture it locally for them. Or build road construction with stones and cement for high-end road networks for local community.
  4. Online or web selling: This is still developing but the flip side is investment in long hours of photography, staging for photography, camera, supply of reliable energy and cost of internet fees and space online. Then shipping, labeling, packaging. Cost of taxation. It has to be a retail mass produce items. Online selling is a little deceptive.
  5. Childcare: Daycenters, create a brand and keep the environment hygienic and clean. Invest in a building structure first and keep it safe for future generation.
  6. Household products like added-value sheabutter products, soaps, toiletries, provisions etc.
  7. Clothing: Wearable fashion, must be high-end quality.

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