Morning Devotion: Your Struggles To Make It In Business Life

Yorbing Staff Saturday January 18, 2020

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Always be prepared in your dressing, wear pants or sports wear with good comfortable shoes, ready to walk and speak to strangers. Sell the damn things. Do NOT veer from it. Whatever it is that will make the products sell, do. Just make sure you work under the umbrella of the Presence of the Lord so you dont trip or fall into the wrong store or hands, Gen 4:13.

I prayerfully urge and encourage you not to veer or deviant from your mark. You have to get details correctly in the techniques to make sales and to succeed. So that when resistance comes along you are ready. Just practice with whatever weak points you have to be your strong points in that specific setting. Relax also, dont be tense.

Dan Lok …to succeed nothing is ever straight and narrow or broad and enlightening, there are also vast and intimidating and equally dangerous pitfalls and dark alleys. Haters and enemies that will dearly love to see you fall. They might just want to intimidate you or insult you to trip you up. They appear out of nowhere just to hate you.

Video: Dan Lok, Aug 15, 2018, Youtube

I went to Accra for the summer till early this year, to prospect living abroad and working from two continents. I almost died from malaria and dysentery. Flights are dangerous, interacting with the locals can generate rewarding dangers and hidden enemies but move on and focus on the working outcome. Many might help you along but also watch out for those foot-trippers.

Do you?

Video: Dan Lok, April 6, 2015, Youtube

Rather get up quickly and let your idea juices flow…here’s Nanessa Lau…

Video: Vanessa Lau, Jan 15, 2020, Youtube

And patiently go through the processes of natural growth…if there’s no sales, it means your business is in incubation stage and dont worry too much, just plug on…Vusi said ‘in that phase of startup growth or wherever you are, there’s a growth process to be learnt as part of the growth process. As Lok once admitted, when he started out and distributed his business flyers, thousands of them, no one responded.

Video: Vusi Thembekwayo, Jan 15, 2020, Youtube

Below is E.L.Koko‘: just to soothe nerves, just in case you understand the language or not…

Video: ELgh, Nov 20, 2015, Youtube.

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