Museveni & HackMen Steals Votes, Beats Up Opposition MPs

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Yorbing Staff Monday, January 18, 2021. *Featured: The Telegraph, Jan 17, 2021, Youtube.

Weak African leaders in a lame-duck silence as Museveni and his thugs completely overrun Uganda’s election 2021…

Video: African Insider, Jan 16, 2021, Youtube

Bobi Wine the rightful winner is left completely at the mercy of Museveni’s extremely abnormally violent rule…

Video: The Guardian News, Jan 15, 2021, Youtube

Evil Museveni and his thugs has gone completely off-the-chain horrific…

Video: NewsUpdatesNow, Jan 17, 2021, Youtube

Museveni the thug brazenly steals Uganda’s elections through his military vigilants who intimidates and steal the election results to stay in power as a dictator. How did Uganda get to this state?

Video: Courtesy Of Oga Promo, Jan 16, 2021, Youtube

Bobi Wine declares Uganda election 2021 win…

Video: France 24 English, Jan 15, 2021, Youtube

However, there’s a general fear that the Electoral Commission rigs the vote tallies to suit Museveni’s wishes.

Video: NewsUpdateNow, Jan 15, 2021, Youtube

Museveni is declared winner of the election in a macabre Ghana’s Jean Mensah-style …

Video: Cavton Music UG, Jan 16, 2021, Youtube

More to come —

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