Music Startup Corner: Break Boundaries & Headaches, JayZee Is Full Of Shit

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday May 26, 2020

*Featured Image:, By Kelv1n Gord4n On Lil Uzi Vert, March 2020 [accessed May 26, 2020].

What you should know release before or after a song…but this (below) tutorial makes an upcoming musician jumps too many hoops…I don’t like that…sheesh! This guy, Smart Rapper, actually promotes White people’s popular platforms and not Black platforms, which is virtually unknown until you wonder where the heck does JayZee trend at? JayZee is then a fucking idiot who doesn’t bother to know where we are or can’t find us…

SmartRapper is such a cruel beast with cruel streak because he doesn’t bother to direct Black artists who come to his channel to Black platforms. We know Reddit, SubmitHub etc is for White and he stands to gain by projecting Black culture traits…What’s this? JayZee is too old, I think he should step. Fucking moron…

Video: Smart Rapper, Sept 10, 2018, Youtube

Promotion strategy for those pesky flop nothing-downloads….

Video: Hypeddit, Dec 26, 2019, Youtube

Music Millionaires…

Video: Music Millionaires, Feb 8, 2019, Youtube

Below is an important point IAMLXGEND spoke about 5 plugins to make vocals sound clean…it’s pricy though…

Video: IAMLXGEND, June 20, 2019, YouTube

Sell the music on DistroKid…by Curtiss KingTV..

Video: Curtiss KingTV, April 20, 2018, YouTube

Remember music is both play and business, an investor’s worse nightmare…so practice to stay fit at all costs…Claudia Friedlander teaches breathing better for singing, how to inhale properly…

Video: Claudia Friedlander, March 19, 2019, Youtube


Video: Curtiss King TV, Sept 30, 2019, Youtube

Hard ass explanation for successfully impactful videos for your music…too hard?

Video: Indy Mogul, March 13, 2020, Youtube

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