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    Namibia Is Similar To South Africans


    Sep 26, 2018
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    Its surprising that Namibia is next to Angola and still suffers isolation and a bitter white colonial rule. Pretty shocking at the hapless, shameless whites. They seem to like dignity and beauty and yet act most bizarrely. why does whites settle i other people’s lands without recourse? I’m puzzled. Bernadus Swartbooi ( A germanized language name? a very rude one indeed make it impossible to like what is going on) leader of the Landless People of Namibia. Continues persecution, genocide and impoverishment happening in Africa still and everywhere else, subdue here and there but still persists. This is what sets back Africa’s development and unfree labor practices that makes it almost impossible to have industrialization and prosperity. Trade is limited within the continent, a shocking reality because we keep coming back to the same issue of oppression when we should be talking about business and money making! Our business news must encompass success not this drama. This has wasted my time for ever! We sense there is something tragic happening and we have no way of seeing and stopping it. The perpetrators are specifically Germans and Afrikaners ( a white Dutch Germanic -same German tribes as Deutch). Their very attitude causes vicious wars in their geographic areas and infest poor southern Africans with it. As if carry a big headwound and come to lick it there. Nama people, sorry.

    Its so obvious you dont have to say much. Namibians need help or genocide will happen. Every day is hell. Poverty and occupation kills.

    They are just thugs with thuggish behavior and a misconception of expansionism, a romanticized concept of the globe and their place in it as spread out. A heavy dose of militarism and lack of understanding of blood and suffering that goes with it.

    It prevents entrepreneurship and innovation

    New ideas on farming and technology

    Skills are undermined, talents are not tapped

    Looking at land in terms of capital and new technology white occupation is downright old and stupid idea. It doesn’t hold much water except those who causes it for selfish wealth and travail. Senseless.

    Do we see Africans going to Europe to take their land or farm it? Perish that thought. Who wants it?

    If the African governments are in the ‘fear mode’ then Germanics have attacked Africans, continually for hundreds of years. Then Africa is an orbit of desire to settle. Unless its replicated all over earth and Africa and native Americans and Aborigines suffer as a result of ‘wealth acquisitions and prosperity of Europe and Europeans” aka south east Asia.

    This is nothing but wasting our time keeping the conversation going. Stop the bleed and get on. Throw the ‘constitution’ back in their face, its intended to keep them there.

    According to Swartbooi, a German or Chinese owns 20k-30k hectares each and comes to the land once in a year for hunting purposes. Why did whites go to south Africa in the first place? Swartbooi is plainly anxious because of his country’s vulnerabilities- scarce water sources, scarce rain waters. Then an army comes along and take the best of the scarce green land. What do you do? Its sheer wickedness.

    Rich Africans should invest with Namibians farmers.

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